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Online Design & Marketing

State of the art website design.

Big Ben Media Group stands at the cutting edge of web building and design. Every site is custom designed, highly functional, and competitively priced.

Our in-house professional web designers carefully craft your look and online presence so that they are consistent with your company’s brand image. In this way, our sites become elegant virtual showrooms, compelling inquiries and improving sales conversion.

Building a great web site is only half the job. Having people find it is the other half.

As SEO specialists and marketing strategists, our team is able to consistently steer high levels of traffic to our sites. We then supplement them with online advertising and e-newsletter campaigns, so you can reach your audience through a variety of formats.

We offer several optimization plans for existing sites, and for sites that need further optimization to improve their organic results. These plans go far beyond basic search engine techniques, and include things like Google Analytics setup and analysis, further META tags/keywords and content tweaks, backend HTML optimization and an in-depth analysis of the current site.

For clients wishing to supplement organic search results with paid sponsorships, we offer monthly AdWords account management. Big Ben Media Group can
manage your campaigns, making sure you aren’t squandering precious budget dollars on wasted keywords and wasted clicks. We’ll also optimize your ads to deliver maximum campaign results.

Social Media Marketing at it’s best.

We offer small businesses the opportunity to build their social marketing presence in the way that best suits them. Whether it’s setting up accounts and teaching you to update them or setting them up and maintaining them for you, we can help. We’ve provided countless companies with the knowledge and tools to expand their web presence to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. We’re a small business too, so we know exactly what you need.We specialize in Social Media platforms and one of the most important benefits that social media optimization provides is the opportunity to engage with clients on a one-to-one basis and add a personal touch to your marketing efforts. But, just having a Twitter account or Facebook page isn’t enough. Part of social media is just that: being social. You need to interact with fans and followers on a daily basis in order to create a solid foundation and with all that you do in a day, maintaining your accounts can be daunting.

Big Ben Media Group can maintain all of your social media accounts for you to ensure that no one in your social media network feels neglected. We’ll work with you to determine what is an acceptable amount of interaction on a per day or per week basis and which social media sites are the most important to focus on. You may chose to use each social media outlet in a different way to reach a different audience after seeing how your customers interact with each site. We’ll monitor all of the interaction and report back to you so you know how to best utilize all of your accounts.

Email marketing made easy-keep customers informed and boost sales.

We understand the importance of client communication, which is why we have partnered with reputable email companies to maintain and coordinate successful email newsletters and campaigns. We primarily use Constant Contact – the leading provider of web-based email marketing software for more than 60,000 small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations. With Constant Contact’s easy-to-use wizard, you can create email newsletters and announcements that get immediate and measurable results. We are also happy to use FeedBlitz and other email marketing companies- it’s up to you!

Blogging-creating a buzz about your business and keeping your clients in the know.

Why is everyone blogging today? Because it benefits companies in a number of ways. Blogging about industry trends and work-related, how-to tips shows that you’re at the top of your game. Keeping up with a blog shows that you are invested in your company—and that attracts clients. Blogging also is great for search engines. The more blogs posts you write, the more pages get indexed, the more relevant search engines think your site is. Blogging is a winning idea, no matter how you look at it.

Big Ben Media Group can set up a blog that matches the look and feel of your website, or design a blog site on your website platform. That way, interested readers can learn more about you—without ever leaving your site.

We specialize in customization of theThesis Theme for WordPress. But of course, we can customize any blog theme to suit your needs. You may also want to  Host your WordPress Blog or Business Website at (or the hosting service of your choice) and we’ll help you set it all up and teach you how to maintain it yourself or we’ll take care of that for you as well. We just love GoDaddy though, They offer the best 24/7 support around. And yes, we’ve called them at 3am!