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Media Buying and Sales Support

We understand how hard it is for small businesses to get a handle on their advertising plan. It’s easy to fall into the trap of putting advertising dollars into the wrong places. That’s where we come in. Using strategic advertising consulting, we review your budgets and make sure you’re spending money where you should be. As a result, we typically save you money while making your advertising plan much more effective.

Our team of experts monitors and gauges the effectiveness of your marketing budget and advertising campaign by tracking your leads via specific media outlets. This allows us to identify the ones we need to optimize and remove the ones that aren’t pulling their weight. We will track data to advise you on budget management and ROI—and to make cost-effective changes to your media plan. This process also includes researching and exploring other media avenues that might be a good fit for your company, from newspapers,  magazine publications and online banners to TV/radio ads and trade shows.

Big Ben Media Group will be your liaison for all media planning and buying.

To give you time to focus on your company’s day-to-day needs, Big Ben Media Group manages all communication with outside media vendors. During vendor dialogues, we’ll discuss opportunities and pricing plans to determine whether they are an effective, strategic fit for your company. Then, we’ll provide you with high-level takeaways from our meetings, and a detailed list of our media recommendations. Once you agree to proceed with an opportunity, we will negotiate rates on your behalf and coordinate ad placement/printing. If a particular medium won’t increase your market share and bottom line, we won’t recommend it. We are here to ensure that your budget is taken seriously—and that it’s being spent on the most effective possible platforms.

Big Ben Media Group can support your sales team and provide expertise in every arena.

In addition, because much of our expertise comes from the Sales environment, we can assist your sales team with research and marketing materials to effectively and strategically position you in the marketplace. With knowledge of financial goals and distribution channels, we can coach your team in sales presentations and relationship building that will ensure a long lasting and beneficial partnership between you and your clients.

Our experts can provide support in:

Traffic, Standards & Practices, Commercial Podding and Rotation Analysis, Satellite  Commercial Distribution

Financial Reporting such as Programming Revenue, Producer Payment Estimates, Sales Revenue Earnings Estimates and Goals, Annual Reports, Client Invoices, Post Buy Analysis, Company Audits

Implementing Sales Systems, Testing and EDI

  • Building Proposals, Optimize Plans with Available Inventory, Create Rate Cards, Invoicing, Cross Platform Digital and Television Deal Management, Brand Allocation, Inventory Management and Pricing, Stewardship and Post Buys

Research (Nielsen, MRI, Simmons, Proprietary Analytics and White Papers)

Marketing Materials, DVDs, Photos, Print, Digital and Premiums

Sales Coaching Based on Proven Sales Processes, Methodologies, Skills and Tools